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[fic] ; You Can Be the King But Watch the Queen Conquer
purple kak
Title: You Can Be the King But Watch the Queen Conquer
Fandom: YuGiOh 5d's
Character(s): Jack, Carly
Pairing(s): Jack/Carly
Word Count: ~1300
Rating: NC-17
Disclaimer: I own nothing.
Warnings: pegging, mentioned autoerotic asphyxiation
Author's Note: because scoopshipping pegging fic needs to exist even if my unable-to-write-porn ass does it
Summary: scoopshipping. Pegging. Fic.


Carly knew that she had come a long way from blushing furiously when Jack had read aloud from The Naked Ape—though it wasn’t truly the material that made her flush so much as how practical it all was as opposed to romantic. When she pointed out the clinical nature of the wording, Jack had just shrugged and said, “I’m a practical guy.” This was true enough. The second time they had sex, he had simply said to her in an excited voice that, “We can do more now!” as the original and most basic act had been accomplished and, thus, they could experiment.

Not that she was complaining. Not really. She loved that she and Jack were able to find new ways to bend and twist their bodies. She loved being able to make him moan in pleasure or scream out her name. They began experimenting in bondage and mixing pleasure and pain. He had done some of these things before and was reluctant to admit to her when such a thing was new to him as well. It was getting easier, though. When she put her hands gently on the side of his face and said, “We’ll have a first together, then” he’d give her one of his rare smiles. It wasn’t a smirk or sneer, but real, full-up smile that illuminated his whole face.

That night, they were in the midst of foreplay: his clothes half off and her glasses pushed painfully against her nose. Gently, he removed them from her face and put them on the nightstand. Jack was kissing down her body while his fingers deftly pushed between her legs, causing her to take in a hiss of breath. He looked up suddenly, expression serious.

“Jack?” she asked, making a move to reach for her glasses.

It was a rather awkward tableau with him staring at her so dour and seriously while his fingers were still teasing her clit but Carly tried her best to pay attention.

“Choke me.”


He leaned down and kissed her gently on the lips.

“Choke me.”

Jack removed his hand from her and carefully took her by the wrists. Slowly, he guided her hands to his neck. She was quite familiar with Jack’s neck. Often, she would loop her arms around it to dangle off of him to kiss him as their height difference could sometimes catch her by surprise. Other times, she had bitten down on it in the throes of passion and caused him to cry out in mingled pain and passion. She had never had her hands pressed around that smooth column before.

“I…” She removed her hands and gently trailed them down his chest. “Don’t feel comfortable doing that…what if I hurt you?”

Jack smiled and kissed her again. “You won’t. I’ve done this before. And if Crow can’t kill me, you can’t.”

Sometimes, his admissions of teenaged fooling around with his teammate still caught her off guard when he shared more…colorful aspects of their “relationship.”

“Jack, I…”

“Well, if you aren’t comfortable then we won’t.”

It was a quick answer and he was pouting now. He crawled away from her and sat on the edge of the bed, arms folded. Sometimes she was still amazed at how melodramatic he could be even in bed. Sometimes he would go and sulk until he got his way and usually Carly gave in because giving in was far easier than dealing with his theatrics.

“I’m not,” she said firmly. “Maybe another time but…”

He made a big show of sighing but didn’t press the issue. For that, she was grateful. It scared her, really. The thought of being able to press the life out of Jack just by being with him. What if she got lost in passion and squeezed too tight? She didn’t want to entertain the thought.

Instead, she pulled her arms around him from where he was sulking and let her long hair fall over both of them.

“I know what’ll cheer you up, Jack,” she said with a teasing smile.

Carly wondered if part of the reason that she liked spending so much time in bed with Jack was because of the confidence. Naked and with him at her call for pleasure, she was no longer Carly Catastrophe. She was a sex goddess. And now that the awkward moment had passed, she could resume that role. Granted, it was difficult with her rather awful myopia but she could and would manage.

“You do?” A smirk was tugging on his lips and he turned his face slightly to face her.

She pressed a kiss to the corner of his mouth and pulled away from him. She felt her eyes on her as she moved across the bed and to the side table. In school, she was always nervous about her spindly arms and legs and small, almost childish body (she didn’t really hit puberty—in her eyes—until her late teens) but she never felt that sort of nervousness with Jack.

At the drawer, she extracted the toy and the tube of lube. Jack was attentive now—all pretense and theatrics gone.


Carly smiled at him as she put the lube on the mattress and situated the toy around her waist.

“Are you still mad?”

He shook his head.


She picked the tube back up and squeezed a generous amount on her fingers. Admittedly, she was still a little clumsy at applying it on Jack, as she couldn’t quite disconnect the fact that she was rubbing her fingers sensually over where he went to the bathroom but it was easier with each time, especially when she could take in the moans she was already getting him to elicit.

They had tried a few different angles but Carly had quickly learned that Jack liked it best when he was on all fours. He pulled himself into position and she pressed the tip of the strap-on against him.

“Do it already.” He turned his head slightly and spoke through clenched teeth.

Confused, she wondered why his sudden change of mood but a quick glance down made her realize that he was pretty…uncomfortable waiting.

“Sorry!” she said quickly.

Carly braced her hands on his hips and pushed inside him gently. She moved in and out, slowly at first but steadily increasing her speed as his pants increased. To her surprise, Jack’s knees gave out and he sucked in a great gasp before flopping down on the bed.


“Are you—?”

“Don’t stop!”

It continued a bit like that with Jack biting out her name and trying to muffle his cries into the sheets mostly as her neighbors had started complaining about the volume of Jack’s pleasure. At least once, the woman next door had informed her while they had both gone to the mailbox at the same time, “I can hear you having sex.”

As she moved, Carly inched her hand down and gripped him firmly, pumping her hand in time with the movement of her hips.

“Oh…g—Carly!” He was yowling louder now, no longer even bothering to try and muffle himself.

He came soon after, spilling himself all over the bed. Without thinking, Carly cried out, “My sheets!”

She unfastened the strap-on and they crawled next to each other in bed. Jack, as he never failed to mention, was a big fan of what he called “afterplay” but for now, he just toyed with her hair and gently pressed his lips up against her temple.

“I love you,” he mumbled in a half-sleepy tone, drawing his long arms around her middle.

It was a rare instance that he said it first and Carly savored that before repeating the sentiment.

“And maybe next time you can choke me?” He lifted his head up and gave his best version of an earnest, hopeful look. It didn’t quite suit him.

She smiled a little and patted the side of his face. “We’ll see.”

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I LOVE THIS SO MUCH, the way they obviously have this trust between them and Jack being dramatic and Carly knowing how to handle him and ALSO PEGGING HNNNGH.

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